Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ausable River Trip [Rainy Day Tuesday Fly Tying]

The water level was already quite high when we arrived on Sunday.  It dropped throughout the evening and Monday was as low as we were going to see the river during our week, as it began to rain Monday night and on through Tuesday and Tuesday night.

Our first fishing was Sunday afternoon, June 9.
You can see why we didn't bother to get in the water
on Tuesday, June 11.  We had to pack and leave on June 16.

It was tough to do, but we stayed out of the water on Tuesday and just "cooled our heals".  Jim, Paul and John brought fly tying gear and we had a big dining room table just perfect for rainy day fly tying.  As you will see below, I took quite a few pictures.

A few Cahills.  I'm not sure they were ever used, though
we did see a few light colored mayflies.

Quite a few stimulators were tied with the 200R

A very important stock box for this trip.

Rob doesn't tie flies, but his 10 years as a
fly fishing guide in Colorado was invaluable to us.

20-incher style, but with thorax and abdomen materials reversed.

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