Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ausable River Trip [On the River]

Rob and John

Jennings Run flowing to the right and downstream.  Image taken from the property of the "Hungry Trout" resort and restaurant.

One of my favorite sub-surface flies is the Wonder Bug.
Basically a peacock herl woolly worm over 10 wraps of lead,
with 2 turkey biots for a tail and hackle clipped short
(usually shorter than seen here).

When the water was at its highest, most of our fish were caught within about 1-3 feet
of the bank,. Casting upstream with nymph or "hopper-dropper" arrangement
was the most productive.

Looking upstream from bridge.  Jenning's Run

Releasing a decent fish


Paul contemplating

Picking something big and flashy


Rob drifting a hopper-dropper combination.
The "hopper" we found most useful was a rubber legged stimulator.

One of the very few rainbows I caught.

Flume Pool

Moi. Photo by Jim

Some pretty rugged wading

Me again.  Photo by Jim

In the middle of the river, Rob is keeping his line off the water

The browns got bigger in the evening.

I don't think any of us caught anything in this nice run.

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slenon said...

Nice photos. Looks like a great trip!

Peter F. said...

Thanks, Steve. Glad you are following along. I've got four more posts to go... mostly written and nearly complete... but took the day off today for a day trip to Vermont with my wife to see her daughter's brand new cute as the dickens 7.5# baby boy (July 3 birthday).