Sunday, September 13, 2015

A good day of fishing starts with a good breakfast

Yesterday was likely my last day of trout fishing this season, at least in the streams of northern New Hampshire.  The water is very low and with so little volume, water temperatures drop rapidly.  It puts the fish off, though the season is open for a few more weeks.

Things were a little slow yesterday, though we each (my friend Paul and I) were happy with the results, all things considered.  Perhaps a dozen wild trout each. Of course, all were returned from whence they came... to grow bigger for our return next season!


Poor Boys is one of our favorite spots for breakfast.  It's off exit 5 on Route 93 in New Hampshire.  What you see is one order!  It's the special and it's $10. But to be honest, the two blue berry pancakes left with me in a Styrofoam clam shell with a number of little jelly packets ... to become jelly sandwiches later in the day. The three eggs, three sausage links, raisin toast and hash browns were plenty for breakfast. In fact, I didn't touch food again until about 2p.

Poor Boys Diner.  The breakfast special for $10.


It was a beautiful day in the Pinkham Notch area of New Hampshire.  We saw no other fishermen.  These trout are so skittish when the water is low and the sun is high, that it is important to find water where the fish have not yet been spooked that day.

The water was lower than we wanted and the fish were less active than we wanted.  But it really didn't make a difference with regard to the fun we had.  Below is a typical scene.

Typical scene yesterday, though this stretch was a bit too shallow and slow to hold
fish on this day and at this time.  You can make out Paul
changing up a fly among the rocks on the right.

My well-used and slightly beaten up parachute from a nearly a full day of fishing:

This is the fly that worked best for me yesterday. YES, it's a bit beaten up.
Except for the first fish, after which I lost a herl body version of this in a tree,
this one served me well for the remainder of the day.