Friday, June 11, 2010 does a nice thorough review of 5 water-resistant cameras

I am a huge fan of water-resistant compact cameras.  I even have a dedicated outside pocket in my fly fishing vest for my old Pentax 33WR.  This is the camera I use for most of my fishing shots, and was the basis of my own camera review several years ago, here. has done a very thorough review of the current crop of weather-proof cameras.  Because I have been eyeing the Panasonic since it came out with a nice range zoom (28mm to 105mm, equivalent field of view) and image stabilization, I was pleased to see that it gets top billing at Lenstip. The movie capability is not important to me, so I didn't study the test results for this feature.

The picture below is the group being reviewed by Lenstip, and is from their Web site. I have no financial connection with them.

With any of these I would miss an eye level viewfinder, which I have in my old Pentax.  But the little optical viewfinder that used to be on all cameras is hard to find these days.  On the other hand the LCD viewfinders are getting better (viewing in bright light is the problem).  Unfortunately, they are next to impossible to view with polarized sun glasses!

If you are interested in adding a water-resistent, weather-resistent, extra-sturdy camera to you list of toys, check out the article on, here:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Photos taken while fishing [Souhegan River]

I spent a couple of hours on the Souhegan early on Friday morning.  No trout pictures unfortunately; but I did catch two small (native?) brookies about 6-7" on the fly shown in one of the images below.  It's a peacock herl-body parachute designed to be bright so I can see it.  The white puffy stuff in the parachute picture is the reflection of the clouds.

The black and fl. green dragonfly is a variety that I have only seen on a couple of my local streams (the Souhegan and especially on the Squannacock).  The one pictured here was the only specimen I saw Friday.