Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A few pictures from Tuesday's day trip to New Hampshire

8 a.m. breakfast at Poor Boys' off Rt. 93 at exit 5 in New Hampshire.
Not a meal for anyone on Weight Watchers.  This shows Poor Boys' Specials
for each of the three of us!  That's six plates for three people.
In some parts of the world this would feed a small village, I would guess. 
I didn't eat again until 5 p.m.


Paul and Jim



I frequently skip the tail on my parachutes.  I think this looks more like
a terrestrial than anything else... but I'll never know what the fish think.
Actually, I think this format makes it easier for small sipping fish to suck in the fly.

8 p.m.  Twelve hours after that big breakfast and we were done fishing and heading home. 
Somehow we got the idea to stop at Dairy Queen.  I don't think I want to do that
too often, however.  But this Parfait hit the spot.


trublubug said...

I believe it was the movie Groundhog Day in which the female lead said to the male lead as he devoured plate after plate of food....

"It's nice to see a man of advancing years throw caution to the wind"....ha ha ha

Seriously, one "must fortify" prior to exertion.

I loved the look of the stream Peter, some beautiful water. I wonder if we all view the pictures with the same thought in mind? Namely, now I'd make my first cast right there, and I'd use xxxxxx fly. BTW, are you hiding the fish pictures themselves? I bet the fish are too big to fit the photo..yeah, that must be it...


Peter F. said...

Bill, lots of small fish for me. Native brookies. Most of them "flip" off the hook as you lift them out of the water. They seem to abound with energy.

The best fish was a stoked rainbow, perhaps 12". But it slipped through my hand just as I was focusing.