Friday, August 27, 2010

Unboxing of two Gurgle-pops from Randy Knapp

Randy Knapp sent me a couple of samples of a Gurgle-pop redesign that he has found to work well for him.  He emailed a great story, too, which I will be posting soon on the "Flies With a Story" page. 

(The original design is here.  His modifications can easily be made off the base design.)

Wait until you read the story he sent me!  And the pictures of an outrageous fish, of a sort you would not expect to catch on a dry fly.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of my "unboxing" of the package he sent me this week:

The most obvious modification is the use of double strands of thin rubber.  It gives lots of action.  I've always used just one strand of thicker rubber.

The other modification is the hook and body length. Randy has used a longer hook while keeping the body short.  He finds this gives him a nice hookup.  Should be killer on those bluegills that strike short!

Geez, it looks like I need to cut my fingernails...

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