Sunday, August 1, 2010

First day-trip of the season to northern New Hampshire [2010Jul24]

I took a drive way up into northern New Hampshire last Friday with my fishing buddies Paul, Steve and Jim. I don't do as many of these marathon day-trips as the others do, but several trips spread out over the summer is lots of fun.  On this day, we were together 14 hours.  I figure it was about 6 hours of driving, 6 hours of fishing and a couple of hours eating three meals.

As is our tradition, we stopped from breakfast on the way up. Poor Boys is a new spot. Breakfast was very good. It's off exit 5 on route 93, in Londonderry, NH.

The fishing was very good too, especially the Ammonoosuc. Most of the fish are small native brooktrout. The one shown here is a bit bigger than average. I think in four hours of fishing in this spot (before moving onto the Peabody for two more hours of fishing) we each caught over 50 trout.


Anonymous said...

Great shots. Grace and I were up thru that area the week before trout season opened --just as a little getaway for a week. You should have seen the huge Brook Trout in Profile lake, and right at the viewing point of the late, great Old Man of the Mountain. A DEC guy was near there watching the Peregrine falcon nest up on the cliff so they could repel down to the nest when they hatched to tag the babies before they could fly away. If he hadn't been I just might have become an outlaw for a couple of minutes.....C&R of course. One baby that was cruising around had to go 4 pounds or more. Many other smaller ones rising to midges. Fish right in the Basin. 30 years ago I panned for gold in that stream and the one that flows along the Kankamangus Highway. The year before that I'd found a few tiny flakes glittering and took them home and had them analyzed at a shop in Schenectady, and sure enough it was gold. Tiny bits and it would take forever to make it worthwhile. Breakfast looks favorite meal.. Ever try Polly's Pancakes? Many years ago I took a float trip out of Coldbrook with Monty Montplaisir down the upper Conn. Hope all is well, As ever, Bob

Peter F. said...

Bob, Thanks for sharing those great stories. Makes you sound like some sort of "old tymer" *hehe*... panning for gold....

Profile Lake is a real hot spot, but we tend to drive right by it looking for moving water. Then drive east from Franconia Notch and down Crawford Notch to get over the the Mt. Washington area.

Pollys? Yes, I know the place. Laurie and I were up there last year photographing the Lupine's, especially across the street from Pollys where horses were grazing among Lupine.