Friday, July 31, 2009

My Hobie Float Cat

I've just added a page in my Articles/Favorite Stuff section about my Hobie Float Cat. I have had this pontoon boat for nearly 15 years and its been a near constant companion. The build quality is excellent. Only the few scratches on the bottom of the polyethylene pontoons make it obvious that it is not new. Click on the link below for the article and a few pictures:

Click Here For Article and Images


Robin said...

Fifteen years is a long time. I have not even been married fifteen years yet!

You make a strong case for the Hobie Float Cat.

Jon C. said...

Have you seen a Freedom Hawk Kayak?

Peter F. said...

Yes, I've seen the ads. Pretty awesome. Bet it is hard to stay in one position if the wind is blowing.