Friday, July 3, 2009

I have added Photo Galleries

Other than this blog (which is hosted free by google blogspot), uses Frontpage 2003 for software. All changes are made on my computer and stored on my hard drive, then uploaded to Godaddy which serves as my Web site "host".

Frontpage 2003 is very old and cumbersome and even uploading photos is a pain. So, I have decided to sometimes upload pictures instead to my photo site,

Within this site I have set up a seperate folder on the "All Galleries" page, appropriately called "Photo Galleries for".
My first entry is a 15 image sequence of an emerging dragonfly. I took these during a 30 minute period while fishing the Millers River, earlier this season.

You can get there either by going to the gallery home page and finding the first folder of galleries here:

To whet your appetite here is the first of the 15 images:

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