Sunday, September 15, 2013

More Patterns: Check out the main Web site

I notice as I write this post that I have 27 posts that are labeled/keyworded with "patterns".  This means that for anyone looking down the left-side margin to the list of key words, he/she will find "patterns" prominently displayed within the alphabetized list of labels/keywords.  Less frequently used keywords are shown in smaller fonts.

If you click on "patterns" (or any of the keywords listed) you will get all the posts that have used this keyword, with the most recent on top of the queue. Alternately, you could type a keyword into the search box and get the same result.

It occurs to me that many people coming to this blog may not know about my main Web site (, although I do have links to it and my photography Web site in the left-side margin.

If you haven't visited the main site, I want you to know that I have more patterns there, most of which have not been incorporated here on the blog.  Below are links to three pages on my Web site, each with their own links to  individual pattern pages: with about 10 patterns

and with about 90 patterns

and with about 30 patterns

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