Friday, September 13, 2013

Casual Fly Fishing

I just got this picture emailed to me from my friend Steve.  He took this picture of our mutual friend Jim last Sunday up in northern New Hampshire.  The two of them and my friend Paul drove up for the day to try to duplicate the great day Paul and I had several days before.  The weather conditions and stream conditions were apparently similar, but they were unable score as many fish as did Paul and I.  As always, fishing is an unpredictable endeavor.

Anyway, this picture from Steve made me smile.  I hope it makes you smile too. There are simply times when it feels good to sit down, even if it is on granite!

Taken by Steve P


Anonymous said...

This looks all too familiar to me Peter. Great shot, thanks for posting it.

My last trip was for smallmouth on a too hot day. I ended up catching a fair number of smallies but eventually the heat and humidity got too me and I too had to find a spot to "park". I was fortunate to find a similar place as in the picture but with a shading tree over it. The smallies were taking mini streamers and mini crayfish....

Bill trublu

Peter F. said...

I like it when we can blame it on the heat... because a logical other option is to discuss the aging process.