Sunday, May 20, 2012

Water levels are beginning to get reasonable

Here in eastern Massachusetts it was at first felt that we'd have a nice earlier-than-usual trout season.  But in spite of the flowers and other flora being a few weeks ahead of schedule, the fishing in April never seemed to take off. 

Water levels were low early on, due to the fact that there was no snow to melt and run off.  But the water was nevertheless cold and I don't think the bugs were ahead of schedule.  Anyway, trout fishing for me in fast water in April was a bust, though for some of my friends who fish still water I guess fish production was reasonable.

Now we are in May.  I don't think our drought has been eliminated but we've had buckets of rain.  My favorite river, the Millers is still way above wadable levels.

So, I took a short drive yesterday to the Squannocock.  The weather this weekend in New England is wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of walking along the river looking for fish.  But other than a few chubs (i.e. fallfish), there were no trout to be had (by me).  I saw no other fishermen, so I actually wonder if this section is stocked anymore.

I just have a few pictures to share from this beautiful day.  Sorry, no fish pics this time.  Hey, but everyone knows what a stocked 10 to 14 inch rainbow looks like?!

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