Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I just added a foreign language translate button

Google keeps coming up with great ideas to add to their blogging system. 

[ is a bona fide Web site, which I run from my home computer with Frontpage 2003 software... a bit antiquated but it still works; while is a blog powered by google which means among other things that the content is fully stored on google's servers which makes it oh so simple. And whenever google adds something to their software, I just have to click on "add" and it's added to my blog.]

One of the latest additions is the "Translate" button.   I think there are about 20 languages to choose from.  I added it right under the rainbow trout image in the upper left side of each page.  I thought it might be helpful to foreign readers because I have seen in my viewing statistics that 1/3 of the page views on this blog are from foreign countries.

Now, I theoretically learned French in high school.  So, I chose French in the pull down menu and within seconds the post was translated for me into French.  It's only seen that way on my screen; anyone else viewing on their computer at the same time will still see English.

I was hoping I could follow the French translation, especially since I wrote the content!  But alas, I didn't have a clue. That's so sad.  I really envy the Europeans who grow up learning and speaking many languages.


Bill said...

Just tried a switch auf Deutsche...sehr gut mein Herr.....

Peter F. said...

It works! Even I know what that means *grin*