Monday, May 31, 2010

There's a lot to see when you go fishing

An interest in photography is teachng me to keep my eyes open for the next good "capture".  But not everyone would agree that taking a camera with you when fishing is a good idea. I remember one Internet friend, a professional photographer, saying he didn't take a camera while fishing because if he were armed with both a flyrod and a camera he wouldn't be good at using either one.

I think he is right, but I don't mind trying to do both, even if means compromise. Yes, perhaps I have missed a strike or two while trying to locate the sound of a hawk, or while thinking about whether those rhododendrons in the woods are wild. On more than one occasion I have put down my flyrod to photograph a wild flower or dragonfly.

Today was such a day.  While fishing for trout in the Souhegan River, I decided to stop and photograph (see images below) a few wildflowers along the river bank and the "cotton" seeds coming off the cottonwood trees which sometime fill the air with what looks like summer snow.  Back in the water, a real treat was looking down at my feet just in time to avoid 'ol Mr. Snapper who was completely stationary under water waiting for fish or mallard duck to swim past.

Since my primary purpose for being in the Souhegan with waders and a flyrod was to catch fish, I was pleased to catch a few!  I brought "to hand" three healthy brown trout on a dry fly in a serious section of the river.  Below are a few pictures that tell this part of the story. (The dry fly is not too pretty, but it worked!  The chartreuse calf-tail wing is for my eyes)

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mark j. romero said...

Gorgeous work.....thankx for sharing. Hip fly. ;>)