Sunday, December 27, 2009

Forum "up" now on Fly Fisherman Magazine

I had lost track of my favorite bulletin board/forum.  It used to be called the Virtual Fly Shop (or, simply VFS) and most of us who frequented it (I started in 2002 or 2003) loved the thread-type organization of each post and all replies.  I don't know why they ever stopped it,  as it is a very popular forum technique of photography web sites such as the granddaddy of  them all,

After VFS, I think it continued for a while as a forum on the Fly Fisherman Magazine Web site.  But the format had changed and that turned away a lot of folks.  This I think was about 2005.  Many folks also didn't like the fact that you had to register as a user.  Now, of course, every Web site requires registration as far as I can tell.

The next step for the old VFS forum was a move to Florida Sportsman forums.  And here, things went smoothly until again the format changed.  More of the "old-timers" gave up.

I personally had lost track.

BUT, yesterday I googled "what happened to the old virtual fly shop bulletin board" and it took me right to the "old" board which has now migrated back to Fly Fisherman.  I was able to log in with my old profile information and added a reply to one of the posts just to be sure all was working. 

Very quickly I was comforted to see some old names:  Hans, Emerger, Fly Fisherman, Steve S, Flykuni, Charlie Craven, Eperous, Johno and others

Here's a link to the site:

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willowhead said...

Thankx for the heads-up. ;>)