Monday, January 7, 2013

Soft Hackle Brassie: better photos and Paul's article

I hope you will enjoy Paul DiNolo's article about the Soft Hackle Brassies he and his friends found so successful this fall and early winter on the deep glacier-formed ponds (called kettle ponds) near his home in southeastern Massachusetts.

I've published his story on my Web site in the "Flies With a Story" section here:

Also, I have some better pictures of the flies.  These have been included in the story, as well.

The photos done for the previous post were taken with a modified flash arrangement I was experimenting with.  I didn't like the results: things looked to flat and there was no pop.  So, I am back to the way I've done it from the beginning... using 2 or 3 desk lamps with spiral lightbulbs.

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