Sunday, November 25, 2012

I've decided to sell my Regal Vise

No. I am not leaving the world of fly tying.  Assuming I find a buyer for the Regal, I still have three vises left.  (I am talking about fly tying vises, of course!) It's just that I haven't used the Regal for quite a few years.

If I can't sell it to one of my friends on this blog in the next week, I will list it on eBay with a "buy it now" price of $100.

This model is the Regal Medallion series with Traditional Jaw (ties sizes 22 to 1/0) with a C-clamp.  According to the Regal Web site this model sells for $165.  I also have the bobbin holder that appears to have been replaced by a more spiffy model.  That doesn't mean the new one works any better.  I recall paying $35 for the one I have and the new version is selling for $45.

Here's what I have.  The vise, c-clamp, and bobbin holder will be sold as a package.  My price is $100.  I figure that is about half of what a new set up would cost.  I also figure you can buy it from me for $100, use it for several years, and sell it for $100.

Everything is in perfect mechanical condition.  The jaws have never "spit" a hook, which means I have always been careful in inserting a hook.  There are no chips on the jaws as you can see on the macro photos. If you have never used a Regal, be sure to consult the instructions for jaw placement.  This is very important on this powerful vise.

UPS Ground shipping should be $15 or less.  (That's what it would cost to send from my office near Boston to my brother's residence all the way across the country in Spokane, Washington.)  I will split the cost of shipping equally with you up to $15 ($7.50 you, $7.50 me).

Please contact me by email if you are interested.  See "contact information" down the left size panel. First come, first served. Shipping is to USA only.

Full Disclosure:  I do not have the original box.  I imagine it came with one, but I have no recollection of what it looked like.  I've looked thorough through my merchandise "box collection" but found nothing.

This is the underside. The wear on the label is from the thumb of my left hand

The notch you see in the middle of the picture is NOT a defect.  That is where the "hook pocket" is located.

There is a bit of wear here.  It came from holding the unit with my left hand.
This is where you will most likely rest the palm of your hand.

As good as new.  No nicks or chips in the jaws.

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