Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I received a nice package in the mail from Fred Bridge last week

Fred has been a friend for years and sent me some of the first flies that I featured in the Flies With a Story page on fishingwithflies.com some 10 years ago.  [The 80+ stories I've collected over the years are listed here.]

So Fred emailed me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I might be interested in a couple of nice nymphs he'd been enjoying.  (Just to make it clear, the nymphs I'm talking about here are fishing flies *grin*.)  I've fished with Fred and he's one fantastic trout fisherman... so when he says a fly is good, I listen.  He sent them along and they look great and, importantly to me, easy to tie. 

I will take a few closeup pictures of them and get the images and directions onto the Web site soon. 

He also threw in a nice Hornberg.  Fred ties his Hornbergs complete with jungle cock eyes and he lacquers (head cement or "hard as nails") the wings.  I plan to use this sample for another project of mine, which will be a topic for a future post.

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slenon said...

Fred's flies are always a delight.