Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spring has a long way to go... No Gurgle-pop Poppers for me today!

Laurie and I played hooky on Friday and went looking for Bald Eagles along the Merrimac River in Newburyport, MA near the river mouth.  This is on the north shore of Massachusetts.  The day was sunny, cold and beautiful, but we saw no eagles.  (But we did find a couple of good local restaurants!) 

Our first stop was Deer Island, a known eagle hangout, which can be accessed via Chain Bridge from the southern shore in Newburyport, or by a second bridge from the north shore in Amesbury.  From here the river pours into the Atlantic just a few miles downriver.

I am standing on Deer Island in the photo below looking downstream at a couple of pine trees. The sound of slowly moving and grinding ice was a reminder that it is still winter here.  But, I decided to post this image after receiving a facebook message from Robin Rhyne (from Texas) about the success he's having (as we speak) with the Gurgle-pop Popper

I can't even imagine casting a warm water popper to a fish this time of year, here in New England.

Though this next image might look like the beach on a warm summer day, it too was taken on Friday, with a good stiff breeze and an air temp of about 20F.  This is a section of Salisbury Beach, about 100 years north of where the Merrimac enters the sea.  Salisbury Beach State Preservation (with an excellent boat landing) is north of the river mouth and Plum Island is to the south.  In season, the Striped Bass fishing is excellent here.

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